How to become a great leader or manager

    You excel at work. You’re task-oriented. You’re one of the top performers.

    But you also experience workplace stress, conflicts, and workplace interactions bring you grief.

    Lead your team confidently to success by developing a set of skills that are guaranteed to get results.

    STEP 1

      This consists of compiling a professional Enneagram profile which provides rich insight into your unique Enneagram type, instincts, motivation, blind spots, triggers, communication style and much, much more. In addition to shining a light on your personality type, it provides helpful tools and techniques to assist you in your personal growth journey.

      Through exploring the growth map, leaders and managers have experienced outcomes such as: 

      • Identifying strengths and motivators to maximise personal effectiveness;
      • Exploration of underlying fears, triggers and challenges specific to their particular leadership style has enabled personal growth;
      • An understanding of whether they rely on head, heart or gut has helped them learn to make more effective and balanced decisions; and
      • The discovery of how to improve their EQ through awareness of self and others has enabled them to work more effectively with diverse groups of people.


      Step 2

        This second step in the leadership journey is designed to develop strong, conscious leaders and is customised to each person’s exact needs. The twelve 60-minute executive personality coaching sessions are held over four months. Of these sessions, two to three are held with the client’s immediate superiors (where applicable) during which time goals are set goals, progress is communicated and the final debrief shared. Throughout the deep dive process, the client has access to the coach via voice notes as well as short calls.


        Nurturing inspired and motivated teams

          Is your team operating on autopilot, simply going through the motions without joy or energy? 

          Our motivating teams programme will turn exhausted teams into ignited teams. It will strengthen interpersonal relationships, build team trust and reveal the collaborative, high-performing and self-motivated team that is just waiting to be realised. 

          Teams can experience the following outcomes

          • The enhancement of business procedures
          • Increased productivity and motivation
          • The development of a common language for team dynamics
          • The emergence of a framework for conflict resolution
          • Improved working relationships and team productivity
          • A growing awareness and presence of self within the team dynamic
          • An increased compassion and understanding of others.


            • An in-depth team report is compiled that includes the Team Enneagram Number and various topics such as team strengths; blind spots and challenges; how the team comes across and how the team deals with conflict, amongst others. 
            • In-depth professional reports for each team member can also be compiled, with findings potentially leading to personal coaching sessions where each team member leverages the Enneagram for Team Growth process.  
            • Personalised professional reports can be developed for each team member, through additional personal coaching sessions that use the Enneagram for Personal Growth tool.


              If you and your teams are grappling with specific challenges that you would like to address, then a hands-on, fun-infused learning experience may be just what you need. Our experiential workshops connect humans to one another, enabling improved interpersonal relations and efficiencies which ultimately assists the organisation in achieving sustainable business results.

              We can tailor workshops to meet your needs, whatever these may be. If you’re unsure about exactly what – or how – to cover concerns, reach out to us today and we can offer guidance and suggestions.


                Offered as a group training programme with each session including instruction, practice and reflection.  There is a generous time allowance for questions and discussion in an intimate, small-group format. 

                Workshop examples include team building and cohesions; leadership and emotional intelligence; conflict resolution; change management; wellbeing and assessments such as Enneagram (a framework that offers in-depth insight to individuals, groups and collectives).

                TYPICAL OUTCOMES

                  • Energetic and proactive team members
                  • Improved work turnaround times; improved profitability
                  • Accountable team members and lower levels of absenteeism
                  • Richer problem-solving skills and improved communication


                  Life coaching for personal growth

                    With the constant demands on your attention, you may feel overwhelmed with choice. Do you find yourself asking questions such as, “What is going on and how do I make it all happen?” “With all these opportunities, what is the right path for me?” “How do I balance what I think is expected of me versus go for what I really want?” “What is it that I really want?” If these questions resonate, you could benefit from the focus and “unlocking” power provided in personal life coaching, to discover your authentic, creative, resourceful and resilient self.

                    Typical outcomes

                    • Understanding your values and intrinsic motivators
                    • Learning how to tackle challenges in a solutions-focused and constructive manner
                    • Learning to be assertive and communicate clearly;
                    • Improved creativity and performance
                    • Strengthening your relationships
                    • Taking control of your life
                    • Stop feeling “less than”
                    • Breaking free from the mundane
                    • Gaining clarity on the way forward and learning practical ways of building resilience
                    • Connecting with your strengths and taking care of yourself

                      Not sure? You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.


                      Rediscover, rewrite and reinvigorate the real You!

                        While multi-tasking is not only the domain of women, it has been found that women tend to think of myriad issues at once, juggling responsibilities, checklists and ideas that often seem to have equal priority. Undoubtedly a wonderful gift to possess, the challenge is that women often lose sight of their own needs and dreams, putting their potential and personal aspirations on the backburner.  Fit for the Future’s women-focused programme provides the space to rediscover your purpose, re/write or explore your goals and take the first step into an enriched and exciting future.

                        TYPICAL OUTCOMES

                        • Self actualisation and clarity on next steps; confidence in oneself as an independent agent
                        • Regaining balance
                        • Overcoming blocks
                        • Rediscovering purpose
                        • Defining what you value most
                        • Setting goals that are aligned to your vision and values
                        • Identifying and changing habits

                          Not sure? You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.

                          Quantum Energy Coaching

                            Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a powerfully effective tool that aims to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, and to replace these with positive and affirming beliefs. As our brains are able to rewire themselves and form new connections and change to these healthier neural pathways, the changes brought about through QEC are profound and permanent. Remember that we perform to our beliefs, not to our capabilities.

                            WHAT ISSUES BENEFIT FROM QEC?

                            • Self-esteem, confidence, self-worth
                            • Personal power and leadership
                            • Relationship issues – personal and professional
                            • Money and finance issues
                            • Grief, loss and letting go
                            • Stress and burnout
                            • Phobias
                            • Depression and anxiety
                            • Addictions – smoking, alcohol, drugs
                            • Body image and self-image
                            • Health issues
                            • Recovering from trauma
                            • Improving creativity and performance

                              You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about our methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.


                              Points of You® creative tools for growth, learning and development

                                Are you a coach, therapist, HR professional, counsellor, teacher, facilitator, consultant, leader, or just a human being with a curious mind?

                                Join us for this unique and effective learning experience that will ultimately transform how you communicate, connect, relate and problem solve. Using innovative (and fun!) methods and tools, you will learn to facilitate meaningful discussions, lessen conflicts and build bridges between people. Our Points of You® tools can be used in one-on-one sessions, by small and large groups, and they can be easily adapted to every audience, objective and theme.

                                Learn the methodology that is revolutionizing the world of coaching, human resources, and personal and professional development, to enhance creativity and productivity of both people and teams.

                                The Points of You® method and games have been used by NASA, Google, Intel, Ikea, Cirque Du Soleil, Visa, American Express and other organizations for the last 10 years. We are currently present in 147 countries, and our games have been translated into 19 languages.

                                PROGRAM OVERVIEW

                                  Our Points of You® methodology will enable you to use our The Coaching Game and Punctum tools. We will work together to identify challenges, issues and dilemmas, and generate authentic conversations and new perspectives.


                                  We teach effective ways to find out-of-the box solutions that improve interpersonal relations and efficiency, and help organizations achieve sustainable business results.




                                  Human Resources Professionals







                                  LEARNING OBJECTIVES

                                  • Discover an “out of the box” methodology that facilitates the connection with oneself and others.
                                  • Introduce new points of view and change paradigms.
                                  • Achieve more effective performance when working as a team or individually.
                                  • Engage in authentic conversations and build trust.
                                  • Apply creative and strategic thinking in the issues to be addressed.
                                  • Adapt our tools for any content, target and audience.
                                  • You will be able to enjoy and learn in group doing some of our best activities that will give you a deep knowledge of our tools and their possibilities.​

                                  The programme will cover:

                                  • An introduction to the Points of You cards and the philosophy behind them. You will learn how to use an exclusive technique of photo observation to gain new points of view.  
                                  • An introduction to the process of using “The Coaching Game” which is a set of cards useful for one-to-one coaching or facilitating group sessions. These cards encourage reflection of thoughts and insights into a topic of choice. 
                                  • Using the “Punctum” cards which encourage people to tell their story, and is useful for one-to-one coaching or facilitating group sessions. 
                                  • Using the Layout Charts to map thoughts and feelings which can be tailor-made and can be incorporated into one-on-one sessions, and used as a coaching tool for self-exploration.

                                    Not sure? You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about our methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.