We all deserve the life that we dream of. But with so much choice coupled with the pressure to excel at multiple things, we can become confused, anxious and ultimately directionless, letting life “happen”. With guidance and encouragement, you can take the reins of your own life to find purpose, satisfaction and joy.

    Our expertise lies in facilitating conversations and equipping you with the tools to help you get to the heart of what you want and embody the confidence to make it happen.


    With the constant demands on your attention, you may feel overwhelmed with choice.

    Do you find yourself asking questions such as, “What is going on and how do I make it all happen?”

    “With all these opportunities, what is the right path for me?” “How do I balance what I think is expected of me versus go for what I really want?”

    “What is it that I really want?”

    If these questions resonate, you could benefit from the focus and “unlocking” power provided in personal life coaching, to discover your authentic, creative, resourceful and resilient self.

    How Offered individually as one-on-one sessions.

    Facilitated as: Both online and face-to-face sessions.

    Duration: Six to eight 90-minute sessions.

    Typical outcomes

    • Understand what motivates you
    • Tackle challenges with optimism
    • Be more assertive
    • Improved creativity and performance;
    • Strengthening your relationships;
    • Taking control of your life;
    • Stop feeling “less than”;
    • Breaking free from the mundane;
    • Gaining clarity on the way forward and learning practical ways of building resilience; connecting with your strengths and taking care of yourself.

    “I received the tools to take charge of my life, to prioritize what was important to me. As a result: • I am 100% clearer on my career goals • I am confident in all that I do • I am fully aware of my strengths and weaknesses • I am emotionally happier and energized in my life • I have career opportunities that previously were not there • I can visualize myself leading a successful life / career • I now make decisions based on my personal values • I have re-set my boundaries • I act courageously by saying no to what was not important to me • I am being noticed in the industry.  Vanessa is an amazing coach to have on your side while taking this journey.”

    Justin Manning | Principle Data Engineer  at Microsoft

    +2782 888 4830 |

    “Vanessa is a very intuitive Life Coach and has incite to how we think, feel and behave in certain circumstances. Her calming way is contagious and makes it easy to decipher a plan to reach your personal goals. Her support and expertise will encourage and motivate you to stay going in the right direction. While self-improvement is a self-discipline, Vanessa only wants you to succeed and is always there to chat through your worries and concerns. She’ll always find a way that work for you when you feel you can’t get there on your own. She’s an amazing teacher and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for some direction in life, be it a working mom, small business owner or executive.”

    Donna Sipman | Property Consultant  at Remax  

    +2783 299 1575 |

    “ As somebody who is very wary of “coaching”, I found working with Vanessa really useful and insightful. Vanessa was prompt, well prepared and able to provide good feedback and insight. I would definitely recommend her. “

    Marc Ashton | CEO Dynamic Body Technology   

    +2782 561 1585 |


      While multi-tasking is not only the domain of women, it has been found that women tend to think of myriad issues at once, juggling responsibilities, checklists and ideas that often seem to have equal priority.

      Undoubtedly a wonderful gift to possess, the challenge is that women often lose sight of their own needs and dreams, putting their potential and personal aspirations on the backburner. 

      Fit for the Future’s women-focused programme provides the space to rediscover your purpose, re/write or explore your goals and take the first step into an enriched and exciting future.

      How:  Offered individually as one-on-one sessions and ongoing workshops.

      Facilitated as: Both online and face-to-face sessions.

      Duration: Six to eight 90-minute sessions.

      Typical outcomes: 

      • Rediscover the confident you
      • Regain your balance;
      • Gain clarity on your next step
      • Rediscovering purpose;
      • Define what you value most;
      • Setting goals that are aligned to your vision and values;
      • Identify and change habits.


        Our lives have become more and more stressful as we juggle varied pressures and face increasing choices and demands in an uncertain world. These stresses have a huge impact on our physical and emotional well-being and can often lead to burn-out.  As you begin to make changes in your life, your coach will help you learn how to release and manage stress by using powerful tools such as self  TRE®  and mindfulness, combined with coaching.

        TRE®  is a wonderful, gentle-yet-powerful, self-empowering technique which individuals can use throughout their lives to tap into a state of balance and harmony. The first session will begin with a brief explanation about TRE® and thereafter each session begins with guided reflection on the individual’s progress with the method. If you long to feel calmer or feel a deeper connection to yourself, to change your sleep patterns for the better, manage your stress, reduce anxiety levels and reduce overall pain – TRE is for you!

        How:  Offered individually as one-on-one sessions.

        Facilitated as: Both online and face-to-face sessions.

        Who would benefit from these sessions: Whether you are parent or spouse who would like more patience with your family, of if you have experienced any traumatic incident, event or accident or you simply want to be more resilient and feel better about life.

        Duration: Four to six 60-minute sessions.

        Typical outcomes

        Client’s report feeling empowered and confident to practice the exercises at home. Within a remarkably short time they begin to respond to stress and tension in a more positive manner.

        Benefits Include

        • greater calmness;
        • increased energy and endurance;
        • improved quality of sleep;
        • healthier relationships.
        • increased flexibility in the body;
        • reduced muscle or back pain;
        • the ability to better cope with stress;
        • a reduction in symptoms of PTSD;
        • reduced anxiety, headaches and migraines.

        “I have experienced persistent back pain for a number of years and approached Vanessa to see whether TRE would help me manage the pain. I was so impressed with the results! After the first session I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in years without being woken by pain. TRE has been a real game changer for my management of my back problems. Vanessa was professional, caring and very attentive in all our sessions and I would highly recommend her.”

        Claire Holden

        +2783 272 7075 |

        “Vanessa has been assisting me both as a Colleague and a Client for a few years now. Her professional manner and attention to detail, has always stood out for me from the day I met her. The area that I highlight with gratitude as a client, is her unique ability to be empathetic and patient to allow me to reach my own conclusions and aha moments in the session. She is exceptionally good at listening and keeps the safety element throughout the session, which is a key element as my struggle has always been being heard and I mean really heard for how I experience my life. I would recommend Vanessa for sessions with personal trauma’s as well as Groups and Teams in the Corporate and SME arena’s to explore news ways of shifting and shaping into a workable solution on all levels, both personally and in relationship to the rest of the group. Looking for a Coach and Trauma Specialist – stop here and connect with Vanessa.

        Marlene Nunes | Self & More Coaching  

        +2782 6061246 |

        “Working with Vanessa has been an empowering process. She is a natural facilitator and catalyst and truly helped me to look at things from different angles, as oppose to the same angles I had been ‘stuck’ in. I now look at myself through new, appreciative eyes. There is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’! Her wisdom and compassion is extraordinary and I am looking forward to walking the rest of my TRE journey with Vanessa. I would recommend Vanessa as a coach and / or TRE practitioner without thinking twice! “

        Jenny Van Der Westhuizen   

        +279 427 6843 |

        “ After going to many people over many years, I didn’t know what I was looking for until I met Vanessa. She always creates a safe space, listens both to what you’re saying and what you’re not saying and is always prepared for the next step or a reroute, as the necessary course reveals itself. I definitely broke through some barriers that I was holding myself back with and am showing up differently at work, thanks to Vanessa.”

        Lesley Mc Guigan | Scrum Master Data Engineering  – Absa   

        +2783 707 1115 |

        “One of the most impressive body-therapies that I have found is TRE – a fundamentally very simple technique which is powerfully effective in breaking through the inhibiting effects trau­ma has on the body.”

        Richard Oxtoby | Psychotherapist


        “TRE reduced my PTSD from childhood trauma and 15 years as a firefighter/EMT significantly. A major transformation in my social engagement capabilities.”



        “I have noticed 3 different benefits from TRE thus far. The correction of my body posture and increased flexibility – I can stand straight with far less effort and my hip flexor muscles are less tight. My resilience to stress and anxiety has shifted majorly resulting in an increase in energy and decrease in compassion fatigue. I no longer take 2 of the 3-daily medication for asthma. I am breathing much easier and able to now do more vigorous cardio training for longer periods at a time.”

        Ann Baret



          Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) is a powerfully effective tool that aims to change self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level, and to replace these with positive and affirming beliefs. As our brains are able to rewire themselves and form new connections and change to these healthier neural pathways, the changes brought about through QEC are profound and permanent. Remember that we perform to our beliefs, not to our capabilities.


          Change your self-limiting beliefs with QEC today. You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about our methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.

          How:  Offered individually as one-on-one sessions.

          Facilitated as: Both online and face-to-face sessions.

          Duration:  I usually offer 6 weekly sessions, but this will vary depending on the topics people choose to work with. Sometimes a single session is all that is needed.

          Who would benefit from these sessions: QEC addresses a wide range of issues, for example; health problems, mental health challenges, self-worth issues, financial problems, relationship issues and situations involving grief and loss. Any circumstance can be improved by changing your thinking.

          How is QEC different from other talk therapies? Ordinary counselling and coaching work only with the conscious mind. QEC works with the subconscious mind.


          • Self-esteem, confidence, self-worth
          • Personal power and leadership
          • Relationship issues – personal and professional
          • Money and finance issues
          • Grief, loss and letting go
          • Stress and burnout
          • Phobias
          • Depression and anxiety
          • Addictions – smoking, alcohol, drugs
          • Body image and self-image
          • Health issues
          • Recovering from trauma
          • Improving creativity and performance

          NOT SURE?

            Not sure? You are most welcome to reach out and book a confidential 30-minute Free Fit Session where we can share more information about methodology and process, and get to know one another a little better.