Fit for the Future provides a dedicated space away from the urgency, demands and uncertainty of work, to reflect on the issues and concerns challenging you, or impeding your effectiveness and satisfaction. It encourages the exploration of new possibilities for corporate teams, leaders and private individuals. We do this by:

Facilitating the discovery of deeper insights to build resilience, enhance constructive approaches to managing change and find new ways to navigate complex issues. 

Encouraging meaningful conversation, deep reflection and professional and personal learning, which is often absent in the busyness of our lives. 

Supporting and challenging the development of personal courage and confidence to make new choices that increase your effectiveness and satisfaction both in life and at work. 

“slinky” reminder

If you happened to notice the “slinky” which makes up our Fit for the Future logo, you are spot on. If you hadn’t, take a quick look now.

The slinky is a kids’ toy that is bendable, movable, fun and engrossing. The slinky can move downstairs or ramps using its own perfect momentum. Sometimes with use the slinky can get tangled up and even lose its shape entirely if tangled too much. 

Fit for the Future uses the slinky as a metaphor for our lives – beautiful, fluid with our own momentum and engrossing.

When our stresses get in the way, the slinky can become compressed and rigid.

If we are overstretched the slinky can become loose and purposeless, with no momentum.

Our complexities can so entangle us that the slinky may feel completely “out of shape”. 

The reality is that our lives will constantly shift between the different phases of the slinky, and this is okay. But the slinky is a reminder that with the right tools we will always be able to revert back to our purpose, which is to live a life that is fit for our unique future, bursting with intrinsic movement, flexibility and beauty.

About the Founder of Fit for the Future

Hi, I’m Vanessa Addison, the Founder of Fit for the Future.

I have spent my entire life learning how to think for myself and be present and aware in my own body. Over time I have discovered that 10% of our thinking process is conscious, while 90% of it occurs unconsciously.

But where does that other 90% reside if not in our consciousness? 

It resides in our bodies, as “embodied intelligence”.

I have also learned that when we’re overwhelmed, unclear, insecure or feeling stuck, we’re trapped in our limited 10% thinking range. 

I’ve been stuck there. And sometimes I still am, recycling the same repetitive thoughts; dwelling in the past; obsessing about the future and ultimately becoming paralysed with choice. 

It wasn’t until I learned specific practices to access and move using my body’s intelligence that I was able to break free and find the clarity, creativity and confidence to take action.

Today I guide people – from corporate environments to private coaching – in accessing their inner resources and embodied intelligence to make decisions more effectively.

My work helps people tap into 90% more of their capacity so that they can become 100% more themselves. 

Imaginative solutions, new healthy habits, and inspiration are available to us all. The key is to use the information from our embodied intelligence to enable real transformation. 


  • Diploma of Business Leadership (University of Stellenbosch Business School) 
  • Bachelor of Art (University of Cape Town)
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Certified TRE® Practitioner
  • Points of You ® Practitioner & Trainer
  • Quantum Energy Coach & Supervisor
  • Regular Coaching Supervision
  • Member of COMENSA (Coaching & Mentoring South Africa)